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31 January 2008

6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the other.

You know how when things are the same, but different?

This is not like that.

30 January 2008

I understand you like science.

As a result of thinking, and then talking, about my prolific, enigmatic and romantic writing career, I've finally decided to embark on one. I already have titles for many of my soon-to-be-cult-followed stories. I'm co-writing several of them. They should be done at some point during my soon-to-be-cult-followed life.

Current statistics.
Today is:
Day 95 of the photography series 28
Day 63 without my cat
Day 59 of no longer being an ex-pat
Day 26 of my habitation of the borough of New York City known as Brooklyn

I have the cartographic triangulation of 3 distinct places burnt into my brain like lights behind eyelids, if looked at for too long.

25 January 2008

The week never starts around here.

3 weeks in Brooklyn, and counting.

22 January 2008


Oh dear. Joe Biel.

13 January 2008 is my new fav

It yielded this amazingness:

aze designs


ALSO: I'm in Brooklyn now. Still homeless/jobless but happier than I've been in months.