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28 June 2005

bad sobeys.

sobeys is having a buy one eclair get the second eclair free sale. an eclair sale. please buy them all so i don't. michael can't stop me from wanting them, and also i have no will power.

list of potentially disasterous food weaknesses:

-black licorice
-big macs
-rootbeer floats (kathy doesn't think icebergs of ice cream floating lusciously in soda makes sense. whatever.)

tonight michael said: scalarity. i like it.

26 June 2005

ah, the fragrant summer eve.

having south-facing bay windows right above the bed doesn't make for good sleeping-in action. it does, however, make for some really interesting fragrances, and being 2nd story, nice cool fragrance-bearing breezes. we get stinks like the brewery (horse piss on a triscuit), the coffee roaster (burnt bittersweet chocolate) and tonight, the gas station (high-grade middle eastern petrol). when i'm not dying of sun exposure at 6 am, i'm getting high off fumes. fucking rad.

25 June 2005

le premier issue.

i figure since michael broke down and got his own blog, i may as well finally write in mine, as its been sitting empty and neglected like a sad little child since about november, and also i made mark black link to it on his blog.

and also, i've been monopolising the team willow blog and i sort of started feeling weird about that.