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24 March 2007

Canadian Heritage

In honor of my impending residence to Canada, I went through my bookmarks looking for this: a Canadian specialty, Heritage Moments.

Oh Canada!

For some reason I can't remember; has America televised its best moments?

18 March 2007

the ground is brown and the sky is grey

so i just finished my photo class that i was taking for a couple months, and i have a lot of new prints, so if you happen to see something you like, you can probably get one. i'm having updated, so that should be done in the next few weeks, i hope. in the meantime i have put a little bit of newish work here

i'm going to new york in april to meet with some art/photo directors, and i really hope it's a fruitful trip.

but anyway here is a new picture, from the crinoline studies:

05 March 2007

vote for my picture!

remember the showdown competition i was telling you about before? voting is now open and you should all vote for my picture!

because you love me.

and i love you!

01 March 2007

a fairly* lucrative year, so far

*meaning, not really, but better than normal.

thank you to everyone who went to see my show at the mudroom, and thank you especially to those of you who bought some of it. i displayed 8 images, and 5 from the show sold as well as a couple independent of the show. i really appreciate your support, now my phone won't get shut off. maybe by next month i can buy a pretty new spring dress!

in other news, a few months back i registered for your gallery, which is an extension of the saatchi gallery in london, england, for artists all over the world to upload their portfolios. as you can see from the homepage for saatchi, that site gets about 10 million hits a DAY. which means that your gallery artists get a ton of exposure. anyway, from my portfolio on your gallery i've managed to sell some work to the creative director of the saatchi, which is pretty unfathomable! as well they have started a new feature called showdown, in which viewers to the site rate each artwork and then the top 2 go head-to-head in a final showdown. long story short - the winner wins money and prestige and is basically an art star. when my round comes up (should be in a few days) you should vote for me. i'll be sure to post the link.

this is the photo i have in showdown right now: