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30 October 2006

thar she be.

here is the pretty new avant guardian page.

here is a picture of the pretty magazine, which comes out tomorrow.

if any of you people are going to be in los angeles mid-november, drop me an email. i might have an exciting proposition for you.

oh, and i had nothing to do with the colours of this magazine matching perfectly the colours in my blog. pure serendipity.

03 October 2006

parties aplenty in the nyc.

so it's official: i've booked my ticket for the nyc surface avant guardian party happening on the 26th. i'm so excited i'm practically jumping out my skin. and my birthday is that weekend too - i don't even know where to begin having a birthday party in nyc.

i can't remember if i mentioned it or not - the avant guardian issue comes out on the 31st - halloween. TREAT, WHAT!