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28 March 2006


pietari posti courtesy of flavorpill.

24 March 2006

the clock is always wrong.

sometimes things come in.

olofsdotter + nando costa.

i never come home late.

i used to go out a lot, why don't i go out anymore?


21 March 2006

perspective, by chloe.

do you reckon these would make me look taller?

20 March 2006

a periodic table i can really get into:

if you're like me and food spoiling freaks you out to the point that you'll throw away perfectly fine things just to possibly avoid a "situation," you need to see this. learn it and you'll be ok.

the table of condiments that periodically go bad.

thanks, catano

18 March 2006

to tears, but exactly.

lately i find the internet exhaustingly boring.

tell me things you think i'll like.

i'd be ever appreciative.

like, this much:


08 March 2006

the translucent text

reading other people's profound blogs always makes me feel all literary, but this is all i got. or i could talk about how my bedroom exploded with clothes after i returned home from california and they're in piles (not even color-coordinated - i should do that) all over the place; how i'm on this organic detox diet which allows that i eat whatever i want as long as it's not dairy, wheat- or gluten-based, filled with preservatives, or yummy; how i always kind of feel like running away, even if i like where i am.

here's another picture i took of willow street out my window.

my new plan is italy. this summer, italy, or else.

03 March 2006

common common