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01 April 2011

This blog is essentially closed.

I started it way back in 2004 but I haven't been devoting to it the time it deserves. I've moved on to different blogs, all of which I will link to here, and some other exciting things. But from now on, this will remain an archive. Thank you so much for your time and attention over the last 6 years.

I opened an etsy store where my photos can be purchased.

I have been updating a bit more lately, too.

I am the featured photographer in the first issue of Films & Grains, an amazing magazine devoted to film and analog photography. You can purchase it at Magcloud.

I am also in the book Still Developing - A Story Of Instant Gratification, a book documenting the Polaroid photography project by ism- a community project.

So here are my various blogs: - personal tumblr - drawing and illustration gallery - images of people in water - curated according to sporadic whims and displayed as a grid - amazing domiciles - really just a general repository for pictures i like



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