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26 December 2005

love me or leave me

m. and i are going to nyc for a week. but maybe i won't come back? have a good new year. we'll be getting knackered, for fucking sure.

18 December 2005

i see dead people.

there are ghosts all over this goddamn town, and i'm sure i'm the only one who can see them, because i'm the only one who knows who they are. and i'm not scared of them, i'm envious.

this is me and my dad circa 1981. my dad looks exactly the same. i do not.

sorry, you missed out.

15 December 2005


it's probably old hat for you, but snow is still super surreal to me. only the super clean, fresh stuff. not the dirty month old slush. that's not romantic at all.

14 December 2005

last winter.

13 December 2005

contest for how long this lasts.

a few taco stands i'm ditching in a couple weeks:

01) sugar and
02) other miscellaneous junk foods
03) hours and hours of internet. lowering to hours
04) compulsive lying
05) saving money. fuck that noise

speaking of madonna, i think i want to mainline 'hung up' into my blood, it's so fucking catchy.

08 December 2005

edited for content.

07 December 2005

i like lists.

here is a partial, work-in-progress list of lists i like.

01. lists of things i like.
02. lists of things i don't like.
03. to-do lists.
04. wish lists.
05. "holiday" lists.
06. shopping lists.
07. buddy lists (actually, no)
08. inventory lists.
09. outventory lists.
10. mailing lists.