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27 January 2010

Level & Tap

I was recently approached by my friend Ryan Essmaker to contribute photography to the awesome new print site, Level & Tap, and the first series just became available to purchase! So far Giving up the Ghost is there, and soon will be The New Angular.

26 January 2010

The Ancientest

Ancient trees, look how pretty

20 January 2010

3 New Newses

Hey guys, whoa, I have new bits of news for you.

I am in 2 gallery shows in the next few weeks! One is right here in our own friendly neighborhood, Brooklyn. The other is in Raleigh, North Carolina, so if any of you live down around there, you should check it out. Here let me give you all the infors:

NO HANDS - 29 January 2010

The title NO HANDS is subject to definition by the risks surrounding us, the risks we take and

everyday encounters. Using the format and medium of photography,

NO HANDS is open for a broad range of interpretation.

We want to see anything you have involving risks.

Stupidity, triumph, life, death, long nights, or taboo behavior.

Whatever you think people should see as risk or you just want to be a bad influence, we want to share it.

We have a great list for the opening of NO HANDS
SO FAR here is the line up for the photo show (in no particular order)

Matthew Baum
Elizabeth Weinberg
Alan Hamill
Roger Kisby
Sybil Jason
Francesca Tallone
Laura Finlay
Nina Palucci / Joe Jagos
Erin Barry
Kalissa Cherish

For more info on HIDING GALLERY visit:

You can also find us on Facebook

just search hidding gallery

cool times



292 Ellery St APT 4



This is what's in the NO HANDS show:


The show in Raleigh is called Plastic Cameraworks and it's at Rebus Works gallery. Here's what's in that one:

and guess what, that photo was posted on ffffound!


I entered the self-portrait competition "The Power of Self" and I need your votes!

I hope you can go/come to the shows!