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31 October 2005

i'm changing this.

i've pretty much had it with clothes that do not fit. if i spend another year unemployed, i WILL learn how to sew good enough to make shit for myself. this is ridiculous.

28 October 2005

yo shorty, it's your birthday.

pardon me while i get a bit emo.

yesterday's tomorrow turned out ok. i'm still super bummed out, as some might think californians are wont to say, but i'm sure as soon as i get over myself i'll be alright. i miss my family, i'm getting old, i want to move again, same old angsty shit. but m and i had a really awesome dinner and our dessert was a work of fucking art. got to find beauty somewheres.

27 October 2005

this time of year.

i'm having an existential crisis. it might be because of tomorrow.

25 October 2005

the pursuit of a lot of money.

thank you to everyone who pledged my radio show! at the last minute (literally at like, noon today) michael and i decided to tag team our shows and do a 4 hour funding drive extravaganza! from 1-5pm we laughed, we cried, we raised a lot of money. michael also smashed, on air, with his bare hands (feet), a nickelback cd for a pledge of $25. it was a beautiful moment and it will be podcast in it's digital glory in 2 parts sometime this week.

16 October 2005

i couldn't have said it better myself.

please pledge my radioshow for ckdu's funding drive. 21 october to 29 october. or else.


the hollies - reunion - $25
constantines - tournament of hearts - $25
xiu xiu - la foret (with video!) - $25
hexes and ohs - goodbye friend, welcome lover - $25
the faunts - high expectations, low results - $25
kraftwerk - minimum maximum (double cd) - $30

4 mix cds made by me with themes and super awesome artwork (upping this pledge to $25 will get you a friends-of-ckdu membership which means discounts! you'll also be entered into the grandprize draw at the end of the drive):

places - $20
seasons - $20
colours - $20
halifaxxx - $20

for a pledge of $50 (4 available/this will also get you a friends-of-ckdu membership and a tshirt and entered into the grandprize draw!):

photo shoot for a band or business, includes 2 rolls of film. there are also other options we can discuss.

tuesday 25 october 2005
3.30-5 pm atlantic standard time

06 October 2005

a slight falter

i'm super super into that coldplay song "talk" that sounds like "computer love" by kraftwerk. who can resist whiny alternative brit rock that harkens genius old german electronic music. seriously. bittersweet obsession.

03 October 2005

a lot of broken parapluies.

we rolled back into halifax at 7 this morning, following a very, very long (and for me, slightly stressful) drive and a radical 3 days in montreal. we get to the mini city of a thousand lights at around 10 wednesday night, and after dropping everyone off at their respective weekend getaway locations, jess and i (accidently) catch city field at la sala rossa and meet up with the lovely kathy, who awesomely lives around the corner. kathy's apartment is beautiful and everything i hope my future apartment is. on thursday it's pouring rain but i meet up with melissa and jessica and buy some clothes anyway. we wander around st. catherine area for a bit and head home before the shows, most of which sort of prove sub-par: i think i went to 4 shows that night, and 1 of them was really good. without going into much detail, having a media or band pass doesn't guarantee you entry into shows. it sucks. friday kathy, her awesome roommate adrienne and i get together with laura, melissa and jessica and wander around the st. dennis/mont royal area. while kathy and adrienne are enjoying a very mature cup of coffee at a cafe down the street, the rest of us find ourselves in a gamer store losing our shit over singing and dancing mogwai. i wish i could privy you to the fantastic-ness of singing and dancing mogwai, but if you ever see me on the street, ask me about it and i'll give you a demonstration. we really should have just bought one. i wanted to see a bunch of shows that night but as i mentioned earlier, sometimes passes don't work. so after walking back and forth between 2 very-far-away-from-each-other venues, i get to see weird war and it's totally fucking nuts. saturday is a beautiful day and i spend it mainly inside. the norts arrive around 4 and we all go have dinner at casa del popolo, across the street from and sister to la sala rossa. kathy and i come back before the show and i paint my toenails for the first time in my life. it was fun being a girl for a few minutes. the norts show is amazing and ted leo play every song i wanted to hear. it was really good to see michael and i miss him a ton. they get back to halifax on wednesday the 12th (i think) and play the pop explosion the next day.

i can't love montreal bagels the way i love new york bagels. i hope you understand, montreal.

it's a beautiful day in halifax today.