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31 January 2006

february is the cruelest month.

i will be sent off by a wave of snow, flowing from east to west, to the iceless climes of the pacific. and lo shall i return by the time dear february is over to settle, once again, into a snowdrift.

18 January 2006

it can move mountains.

reckon anyone would believe me if i said the wind knocked me over?

17 January 2006

just kidding, i like italy.

everyone i know is going to italy. stupid italy!

but to make me feel cool, i bought this cool thing:

<--- this cool weird white drawstring jacket coat thing. it's a toy-clothing. clothing you can play with!


10 January 2006

halifax, paris, paris, halifax.

04 January 2006

you know what they say about vacations.

new york is amazing. being there for a week only solidified my desire to be there forever. until someone reputable gives me a job, i can but hope.

i got to see my grandma tallone which is always an experience. she's almost 90, deaf and half blind, and she's got all these old pieces of wisdom and sayings and she's just so earnest about things. and she liked michael a lot, probably partly because he's italian, and i took this to be a good sign since she had a bit of a problem with my mom for a while because she thought she was puerto rican, when in fact she, too, is italian.

so i took pictures with my prehistoric instamatic, so the kodak moments will have to wait. don't hold your breath.