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28 August 2006

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06 August 2006

other people's trash

today, on a walk, michael and i saw a book that someone was throwing away:

who would want to throw this book away?

03 August 2006

heatstroke of genius

chicago was hot and awesome. not necessarily in that order. the pitchfork festival fucking ruled. here is the lowdown from pitchfork since i'm not as good as them at talking about music:

pitchfork day 1

pitchfork day 2

i can attest to this: i love liars even more, now.

chicago has wicked good food. and the chris ware and wolfgang tillmans exhibits at the contemporary were awesome. i love the way the tillmans show was curated. and the el train is amazing - i loved tutting around through the tops of the old brick buildings. so much more interesting than the subway!

we stayed with michael's awesome friend naz and his lovely girlfriend jen. we did not have enough time in 4 days. i needed longer.

i am having a bit of a freak-out at the moment. the most amazing thing: i'm a finalist in the surface magazine 9th annual avant guardian emerging fashion photographer competition, which has basically been my photographic dream for as long as i can remember. what this means is that i get to reshoot my ghost episodes using designer clothes (MIU FUCKING MIU) and the best part is i get to use my friend, robin, who was in the orginal episodes, and do it all in halifax. and then have a 90% chance of getting published in the avant guardian portfolio issue in november. look for it. SURFACE MAGAZINE. FUCK.

other things:

- got a pretty pink sweater with buttons on it from rachael alice parsons
- moving into a pretty little house with michael and pocket in september
- bringing a pretty little bike ride to halifax
- showing some pretty artwork by my lovely friend estella mare in gallery deluxe gallery next month
- some other things.

it's after midnight, and it's still like 80 degrees out.