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20 December 2011

come hither

01 April 2011

This blog is essentially closed.

I started it way back in 2004 but I haven't been devoting to it the time it deserves. I've moved on to different blogs, all of which I will link to here, and some other exciting things. But from now on, this will remain an archive. Thank you so much for your time and attention over the last 6 years.

I opened an etsy store where my photos can be purchased.

I have been updating a bit more lately, too.

I am the featured photographer in the first issue of Films & Grains, an amazing magazine devoted to film and analog photography. You can purchase it at Magcloud.

I am also in the book Still Developing - A Story Of Instant Gratification, a book documenting the Polaroid photography project by ism- a community project.

So here are my various blogs: - personal tumblr - drawing and illustration gallery - images of people in water - curated according to sporadic whims and displayed as a grid - amazing domiciles - really just a general repository for pictures i like


17 May 2010

I guess I will be on a roll with the blankets.

Despite it getting much, much warmer out, I am still totally fawning over blankets and quilts. I guess that's silly but seriously, get a load of these:

This is the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park

This is Halifax!

These ridiculously amazing things are made by Emily Fischer at Haptic Lab. I WANT ONE.

10 May 2010

Welsh Quilts

I have suddenly and pretty much unequivocally become completely obsessed with these Welsh quilts and blankets. Like, there isn't a single one I do not want. It's almost traumatizing.

30 April 2010


Check Out This Art Portfolio

I submitted some pictures to a new competition by Artists Wanted called EXPOSURE. Please take a moment and vote for me!

27 January 2010

Level & Tap

I was recently approached by my friend Ryan Essmaker to contribute photography to the awesome new print site, Level & Tap, and the first series just became available to purchase! So far Giving up the Ghost is there, and soon will be The New Angular.

26 January 2010

The Ancientest

Ancient trees, look how pretty