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15 February 2007

this blog is boring, right?

here's some pretty artwork by rachell sumpter, from motel gallery in portland, oregon.

03 February 2007

some press. this post is 100% about me.

this arty/fashiony/cultury blog/magazine from minneapolis did a feature on me this week!

l'etoile magazine feature on ME

l'etoile magazine is just rad in general

speaking of press, here is some more:

the avant guardians as reviewed by susie bubble

from the CBC:
Tuesday November 14, 2006: Pushing the boundaries of fashion photography... in Halifax
You may not think of Halifax as the centre of fashion. But if Franscesca [sic] Tallone gets her way, Halifax just may gain a little more recognition on the fashionesta [sic] map. That's because Francesca Tallone has recently been named one of the top rising star fashion photographers by the prestigious design publication - "Surface Magazine". Her work is featured in the November 2006 edition of Surface... and it's also on display in Halifax at a store called Lost and Found. now listen to me blather on and on!

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