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18 January 2006

it can move mountains.

reckon anyone would believe me if i said the wind knocked me over?


Blogger Evil Robot Boy said...

If you were wearing that cool weird white drawstring jacket coat thing at the time, then I believe it. Seriously, the collar on that thing must act like a sail!


23 January, 2006 10:36  
Blogger .francesca said...

i haven't worn it yet as it got sent to california,

but i bet it does have parasailing characteristics! how exciting!

23 January, 2006 22:19  
Blogger nic said...

i reckon i could blow you over with one gust of wind from my swinging arm.
er.. that didnt sound right. im not about to hit you, im just saying yer a tiny one.

26 January, 2006 23:34  

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