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06 October 2005

a slight falter

i'm super super into that coldplay song "talk" that sounds like "computer love" by kraftwerk. who can resist whiny alternative brit rock that harkens genius old german electronic music. seriously. bittersweet obsession.


Blogger celery said...

i had a really strange "is this song good coldplay, bad radiohead or mediocre U2" radio-listening moment the other day. i wish you had been there to clear it up for me since the dj was no help.

10 October, 2005 06:44  
Blogger celery said...

ok. that comment looks wrong. i meant that radiohead, at their worst (which isn't often), sound like coldplay at their best (another rarity) and for the first time, i heard the U2 influence and was confused.

10 October, 2005 06:47  
Blogger .francesca said...

i can totally understand all of that..unfortunately, i don't think i would have been any help...but i'm willing to bet the song you heard was either coldplay or U2 because another rarity is hearing radiohead on commercial radio.

10 October, 2005 09:26  
Blogger nic said...

tsk tsk..

10 October, 2005 14:12  
Blogger .francesca said...

what was that for, nic? are you laughing at me for liking a coldplay song? that's ok, i laugh at me for that too.

10 October, 2005 16:06  
Blogger Evil Robot Boy said...

I used to like that one song that Coldplay did. I can't tell you which song it was at this point, because all Coldplay songs use the same formula.

Radiohead used to cop U2 a *lot*. The Bends is the best U2 album ever.

11 October, 2005 10:16  
Blogger .francesca said...

i really don't like coldplay. this song in particular though is amazing because it's KRAFTWERK! set to WHINY BRITISH ALTERNATIVE ROCK!

11 October, 2005 14:03  
Blogger Michael. said...

Am I a bad person for not liking Coldplay, Radiohead or U2?

I like Kraftwerk though.

16 October, 2005 13:00  
Blogger .francesca said...

no, michael, you're just a much better person for it.

16 October, 2005 15:58  
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