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03 January 2007

i remember, i remember!

well i do not entirely remember, but i did think of something we did on tuesday the 19th: we went to the receiver gallery to see the show "i think we'd better split up." it is a group show featuring some artists i really like as well as someone i went to university with (hannah stouffer). anyway other than that we really just wandered around and came back to los osos on wednesday. we were here until friday the 29th, when we went back up to san francisco for new year's eve. we got into the city late that night, but woke up early-ish on the 30th and i bought my christmas present, the new pentax K10D digital SLR. behold:

(so all you people better hire me for photo jobs.)

before going out for breakfast with ava (whom we stayed with again. bless her heart, she was out pretty much the whole time so we got to sleep in her ridiculously comfortable bed) and some of her friends at the st. francis fountain on 24th street. while there we spied on trans am eating their breakfast. afterwards we all split off and michael and i resumed our perpetual wandering of san francisco. sometime by mid-afternoon we met up with our friend kira and some of her friends to brave the throngs of post-holiday shoppers, which to our utter lack of surprise were completely unreasonable and we hightailed it out of there pronto. we went up to hayes valley to look at expensive shops and while i accompanied kira and her friends for dinner at frjtz, michael went up to a bike shop near haight street. for dessert we went to citizen cake, where michael met up with us later on. kira and her posse wanted to go drink at noc noc, a bar on lower haight, so michael and i yet again split off and michael needed to get some dinner before going to slim's to see chavez. which i didn't go to with him. i had had plans to hang out with jamie at her place and watch movies but i wasn't able to get ahold of her, so i justwent back to ava's and watched a thoroughly harrowing film called "children of men" after which i want to die but by that time michael came back and saved me and all was well.

on sunday we again awoke early and i had wandering plans. i wanted to go to dogpatch, a neighborhood near potrero hill where there are supposedly the oldest buildings in the city. for some reason they withstood the earthquake in 1906, so many of them date back to the 1860s. we walked there from ava's, which wasn't far, and found some really amazing old buildings. i took pictures, but not with the digital, so i hope to have them processed when i get back to halifax. we also found a hell's angels clubhouse! after that we went to glen park because i had read in dwell magazine about a street in glen park called laidley that was SUPER CUTE. so we went, and gosh darn was it ever cute. i also took pictures there which i will definitely post because it was so unbelievably cute. here is an example of how cute it was: the end of noe street crosses laidley, and some members of the neighborhood had attached an "L" to the end of "noe" on the streetsign and also threw some holiday decorations onto it. CUTE! after that we went back to hayes because michael wanted to get some shoes, and we went to a cafe nearby and got the best soy chai ever. we went back up to haight afterwards and went to giant robot, where michael bought a ron rege print. from there we wanted to go to dinner at this vegetarian japanese restaurant we found in the mission called cha-ya and it was actually the best meal i've had other than homecooked in a really long time. that was around 7 and the blonde redhead show we were going to for new year's wasn't supposed to start until around 12.30, so we went back to ava's and watched arrested developement in the meantime. i'll do another long and boring post about the blonde redhead show laterrrr.


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