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03 December 2006

the long horse?

i posted this on my favourite messageboard, halifaxlocals, after reading about it on boing boing:

the long horse! it's REAL. just like the cows whose legs on one side were shorter so they could stand on the side of the mountain without falling off, like in pecos bill's day.

the long horse.

as well,

tinselman's original post.

if you click the wiki link in that post, you'll be brought to a page that states that the long horse is a blog-derived hoax and that it's actually not real. there are links to pictures that show that there has been some manipulation to create long horses.

(that wiki article isn't the same one in the extinct breeds post, so click the one in the extinct breeds post.)

tinselman rebuts

and has a witness.

who knows if they were real? whatever, they're neat.

here are some pictures of long horses:


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