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14 December 2006

just in time for holiday gift-giving.

the postcard sets are ready and available at lost and found, as well as fred.


Anonymous claudette said...

i'm mad. I wrote a big thing it didn't print.

long story short. I want these postcards to give as a gift. do you have online banking (so i can pay you) and would you be willing to send them to me in vancouver (I pay for that too)pleASE.

14 December, 2006 21:19  
Blogger .francesca said...

yes, i would be willing to do that (but i only have paypal) however i'm in california now and they're all in halifax, so it would have to wait until january in which case they'll be very late gifts. if that's ok, we can totally do this in january! thanks claudette!

17 December, 2006 13:37  
Blogger ClavdiaChauchat said...

I really, really like this series (as well as the two videos/songs you posted below)
Glad to have found your blog!
Merry Christmas :)

20 December, 2006 10:32  

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