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26 December 2006

a continuation of sorts.

well, it turns out i totally can't remember what we did on monday, or tuesday for that matter. suffice it to say that san francisco was rad regardless and we saw (or at least, michael saw) joanna newsom at the great american music hall on tuesday night. i was there alright, but couldn't see a damn thing based on the fact that i'm about 5 feet tall and we got there late. late in sf means 9.30pm. isn't that nice? home by 1pm. fucking sweet man.

anyway, we got a ride back to los osos on wednesday with my friend ally, who lives in a nearby town. being at my parent's house is so weird, but so nice. here are a few views from their place:

you're looking at morro bay in the distance, and its claim to fame, morro rock. morro rock is one of 9 mountains in a range through san luis obispo, all dormant volcanoes. morro rock is actually the cap of either the 7th or 8th, the rest of which is buried deep beneath the pacific ocean. it's a bird sanctuary and a disgusting tourist trap.

yesterday michael and i went to montana de oro, which is an absolutely beautiful state park and beach area a few miles from my house. we went to a tiny pebble beach called spooner's cove and waded in some really freezing but refreshing water. seriously, if you ever find yourself lost on the california coast, and you happen to be in a totally random town called los osos, make a point of going there. it's probably one of the prettiest places i've ever been in my life.

today is/was christmas day, and my family broke a tradition of going to the cinema on christmas day in favour of staying home curled up on the couch watching the world's fastest indian. it's an awesome movie about a really cool old motorcycle. which, supposedly, is in my hometown right now!

so i hope i do something exciting enough to warrant an interesting post in the next few days. happy holidays to you!


Blogger estella said...

happy holidays! you are on a roll!


27 December, 2006 14:05  

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