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24 November 2006

the lost weekend in the woods.

last weekend i went to visit my friend nicole at her family's house in the woods/on the ocean in grand barachois, new brunswick. like really her back yard was about 20 feet from the water. here are some wacky pictures.

on our way to shediac nicole said that there was a creepy old
house, so we stopped to snoop around. this is a weird old door that was even shorter than me. don't i look kind of like a giant!

then we went exploring by bicycle around her neighborhood. it wasn't so much a neighborhood as it was a few houses scattered in a forest next to the ocean. we found this A-frame called tranquilizer next to an igloo-shaped hut thing called pumpkin.

this is inside pumpkin. there were mirrors all over the walls/ceiling and furniture piled on top of itself. we looked in all the windows we could and it didn't look anyone lived in pumpkin but someone for sure lived in tranquilizer - there was candy and food and unmade beds.

then we start wandering around the yardy thing where tranquilizer and pumpkin were and we came upon an old naufrage, or shipwreck.

and then my desperate desire to look in windows of buildings got me in trouble: there was a newish looking shack across the yard from tranquilizer that we passed by on our way down the lane. nicole has gone to lean her bike against a tree, and i go up to the door and you'll never EVER guess what i saw!

i start laughing hysterically out of nervous anxiety and nicole says "what! what is it!" and i say "a body! a BODY!" and she doesn't believe me for a second, but refuses to come over. so i say "you have to see this, i've never seen anything like it before in my life!" and she finally comes over.



now that we were super duper freaked out we hop back on our bikes and go exploring more.

this is me definitely exploring.

this is the idyllic little storybook lane that we rode down on our way to the little private beach that all of these closed-up summer homes get to take advantage of when the weather isn't -2.

we hide our bikes in some dead bushes just in case there is anyone around who gets mad that we're on their private beach and head to the water. along the trail there are wooden walks that are rolled up for the winter, and we decide to play dress up.

nicole totally loses it and falls out of the rolled up boardwalk, and then tries to climb through it. i'm doubled over with laughter in the dead beachgrass.

then we find this wicked little forest in someone's backyard, between the house and the beach.

i try to climb a tree.

finally nicole says we have to go to this amazing beach with the weirdest rock formations you've ever seen on a beach in new brunswick and not in a desert in arizona.

here i'm trying to make a run for it.

we continue exploring the weird rock formations and come upon evidence of bored truands acadiens.

it was getting bitterly chilly by this time, so we head to her warm home for dinner and then a soak in the hot tub. i'm sorry i don't have any pictures of that.

most images: nicole legault. some by me.



Blogger nic said...

aaahahahahaaaafuck. come back!

25 November, 2006 08:13  
Blogger Melissa. said...

Those pictures are adorable!

27 November, 2006 13:28  
Blogger .francesca said...

even the VENISON! one? ewwww.

28 November, 2006 09:04  

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