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01 August 2005

alright alright.

ok i lied, i wasn't really drunk. but i did get elbowed and there were some awkward, but hilarious, moments. and i did do the running man. but i was serious.

via muchmoreretro, i'm reaquainting myself with some of my favorite songs from the 8Os. they all seem to have lots of handclaps, guitar-y sounding synthesizers, british accents (despite the fact they might be american), and are just generally totally awesome.

here are a couple highlights:

~general public - tenderness. sounds a bit like modern love by bowie, but i think is much, much radder.
~haircut 100 - love plus one. i used to get this one mixed up with love my way by psychedelic furs, but the furs song isn't quite as happy as this one. i don't think i recently saw the video but i was just thinking about it.

you can never go wrong with:

gary numan/tubeway army
gang of four (whom i, when i was a kid, got confused with kool and the gang. remember that awesome song misled?)
dramarama and material issue, whose songs, respectively, anything anything and valerie loves me, sound similar but are independently awesome in their own right
the dead milkmen. big lizard in my backyard and taking retards to the zoo.

i really want to have a radio show of nothing but late 7Os, 8Os, and early 9Os songs. good ones though.


Blogger Evil Robot Boy said...

You are on point with a lot of those 80's songs/bands. Love Plus One is so brilliant that it makes up for the mediocre rest of their output. And Gary Numan. The ultimate homosapien. And is there anything Devo can't do? Kool and the Gang of Four rule.

02 August, 2005 00:01  
Blogger .francesca said...

you know rod, you're totally right about all of those points. i vehemently agree.

05 August, 2005 23:03  
Blogger The Barckoopers said...

Good call on Valerie Loves Me. I'd almost forgotten that one! I used to joke with Melissa B. about doing a radio show at CKDU of college rock oldies.

05 August, 2005 23:18  
Blogger .francesca said...

why is that a joke? i would TOTALLY do that show!

06 August, 2005 15:28  
Blogger iCandy-0 said...

woohoo! Please do that radio show. Go. Now. Play dead milkmen and split enz and oingo boingo and missing persons and... well, you've got a handle on it. And have "guilty pleasure spotlights" so you can play the occasional J. Geils or Rick Springfield tune. OmG.

You put a happy spot in the little birdhouse in my soul.

07 August, 2005 13:33  
Anonymous starwiper said...

It's not really a joke, I just didn't choose my words well. You totally should do it! I'd listen for sure.

07 August, 2005 17:30  
Blogger .francesca said...

maybe i'll have a special show on tuesday then. i just can't play hits, so i'll have to find the little-known goodies.

07 August, 2005 20:09  

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