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20 July 2005

a proposition to anyone willing.

in the past i have been an active participant in several honest-to-god mixtape (and cd) clubs. one such club operated thusly: 2 organisers took the names and other information of participants and matched them up anonymously with other participants, thereby making it all a grand surprise until the tape (or cd) was received. you knew who you were sending the tape to, but your recipient didn't know who s/he was getting a tape (or cd) from, and you didn't know who you were getting a tape (or cd) from. this one was fun because it was like secret santas, one of my favoritest games in the world. un autre club operated as follows: one organiser made the same tape (only tapes!) and sent copies to all of the people who subscribed to the club. he charged $20/yr for membership and that included cost of tapes, shipping, and a new tape every month. or thereabouts. other clubs were just very informal tape trades among friends. these are my favorite. so my proposition to you, friends, is this: i want to trade tapes (or cds). i promise to do it and i hope you promise to do it. we can work out the details later. some of you live very far away and i miss you to bits. please let me know if you'd like to participate and feel free to offer suggestions in the comments.



Blogger Lachie said...

i, in turn, like tapes. i am in.

21 July, 2005 14:25  
Blogger .francesca said...

yay! our first participant. thanks lachie!

21 July, 2005 18:44  
Anonymous elise said...

i'm in too! can you be "in" from across the country?

21 July, 2005 19:14  
Blogger .francesca said...

totally in! i actually would love to have people be involved that aren't in the immediate area. we'll go global!


21 July, 2005 23:42  

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