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19 July 2005

what i really want to do is direct.

i need a big break. who can get me into pictures? i can stand still for hours on end and don't bore easily, i can look devastatingly sad one minute then euphorically ridiculous the next, and even though i'm in my mid-20s, i can pass for a teenager, which will help get me versatile parts for many years to come. halifax is like the studio city of nova scotia. where is beach girls filming? there's a character named francesca in it. it's totally fate right!


Blogger Melissa. said...

It is! You're totally method. How could they say no to someone with 25 years of Francesca experience?

19 July, 2005 22:27  
Blogger .francesca said...

i should really have won an award 17 years in for my dramatic performances.

20 July, 2005 20:24  
Blogger James said...

sad to say, but Beach Girls wrapped on Wednesday.

fate is cruel...

23 July, 2005 05:48  
Blogger .francesca said...

you're assuming that will be the last movie ever shot in halifax. and even if it is, i'll always have hollywood.

24 July, 2005 13:59  

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