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15 September 2006

first things first.

it's a good thing that other place didn't work out, because our new-new place is even radder. needs a paint job and we are currently operating as a storage spot for the former tenant, but those 2 things pale in comparison to the trainwreck of the other place. i'm super happy and maybe we'll have some pictures soon too!

email me if you'd like my new contact information and don't have it yet.

in other news: i thought my beautiful bike got stolen today, but it was a ridiculous false alarm. my friend norwood is here giving a super 8 workshop for the film festival, a workshop which i am taking and had to ditch halfway through (see first other news point), so sorry about that norwood! i'm still making my film, promise. and we will get together before you go back to los angeles! also i recently found out that the avant guardian issue is coming out on halloween (31 october, just for clarification) so please be sure to check your local newsstand for that. also there will be exhibits of the avant guardian portfolios in new york, chicago, los angeles and miami so if you are in either of those cities, you should try and check it out. i'm dying to go to the new york one, but it's 2 days before my birthday + i don't have the money for a ticket (interested in donating to the send-francesca-to-nyc fund? email me). i would love for you guys to check it out on my behalf. it'll be a schmooz-fest, for sure.

i should unpack.


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