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26 July 2006

the windy city

we're going to chicago this weekend to see the pitchfork festival (the liars!) and eat good food and see amazing art (wolfgang tillmans and chris ware!) and drink amazing american things (power c!).


Blogger the library girl said...

Would you please bring me a bottle of Vitamin Water? I'll give you $. I just want one bottle that taste like home!

28 July, 2006 15:02  
Blogger .francesca said...

do you want the power c flavor? and you can't give me any money for it, silly. they cost like, a dollar fiddy.

30 July, 2006 11:20  
Anonymous samantha* said...

are you still coming back to california? i miss you!!!

31 July, 2006 02:00  
Blogger .francesca said...

what do you mean, still? i was just there for a month! i don't have any plans to go back anytime soon, sadly. but maybe for the holidays.

01 August, 2006 18:02  

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