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08 November 2005

some kitties need some homes

my friend stephanie has become a temporary mother to 3 of the most adorablest kittens ever! there are 2 available, a white one with a cute grey head i lovingly refer to as thomperclork, and a grey and brown tabby as yet unnamed (the black one's mine, don't even think about it). they are both desperately in need of a good home(s). please see for more information + pictures. they hope you will want to love them.

*update* thomperclork has a new home! yay! good on raunch ranch for taking in a new boy.

*second update* the tabby is also being taken to a good home. thank you all for adopting these ridiculously cute kittens! as soon as we can take our black kitten, lovingly named pocket, home with us, you'll see pictures both here and at halicatslocals.


Blogger Julia said...

I had fun on monday; thanks for inviting me!

08 November, 2005 19:07  
Blogger Julia said...

p.s. I think Pocket is a really cute name for a kitten.

13 November, 2005 13:14  
Blogger .francesca said...

i'm glad you came julia, can you come this monday too?

and i like pocket too. right now she's sleeping on my lap! she's so tiny!

13 November, 2005 17:37  
Blogger Julia said...

Oh I'll be there. I've got a knitted rectangle just begging to be made into a square. I want to meet this new kitten so bad! Is it okay if I bring some cat toys over on wednesday? (I have more pipecleaners than Pedro can handle over here)

14 November, 2005 07:48  
Blogger Lou said...

What do you think Pocket's favourite colour is?

14 November, 2005 17:48  
Blogger Lou said...

also, as soon as she's big enough get her a nametag. It will save you many hours of fear and worry. (My cats are both indoor cats but always try to escape. Now they both have tags with their name and address so if they get lost I don't have to much.)

14 November, 2005 17:51  
Blogger .francesca said...

that's a really good idea, lou. we've been lucky with elliot that he doesn't really try to get out much and if he does get out (like, twice in his life) he's either come right back or been really easy to find. i plan on keeping pocket as sheltered as i possibly can.

i think her favorite color is...periwinkle! to match her eyes ! oh, i should post a picture.

14 November, 2005 22:58  

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