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23 August 2005

sharp like shindig

i stole david's camera on saturday night.


Blogger kellydisaster! said...

apparently i'm blogger inept.

"i clap a lot."

23 August, 2005 14:32  
Blogger GJRosta said...

hi francesca,

i was the founder and programmer for the other side on ksly 96.1 fm from 1994 to 1998. i was the one with the lucky 7's contest, and i think i remember giving you a lot of cds and cassettes too. i'm glad you thought enough about the show to post an entry about it. it's 10 years ago this month i did my last show, and i haven't been on the radio since. i was directed to your post by chris muckley, the dj for the inner edge on kzoz fm. we still keep in touch after all these years, even though we were competitors back in the day. i'll have to dig up my old photo album to see what your entry was. i hope brooklyn is treating you well... it's a long way from Morro Bay...

16 June, 2008 23:31  
Anonymous William said...

I'll chime in regarding your inner edge/other side post. I was searching the web for discussion or references to "the inner edge". Your blog entry was the first and only result of my Google search.

The Inner Edge was an absolute godsend when I was in high school in Santa Maria. It saved me from classic rock hell. I looked forward to it every Sunday night.

(kcpr was crucial, too. That's where I got my intro to the Pixies, Morrissey, et al.)

Strange that I don't have any recollection of "the other side." Maybe that show started after I left the area in the fall of '93. The name Muckley sounds familiar, though - I'm thinking maybe he joined 91X in San Diego after being on KZOZ. (Muckley's floorboard?)

Funny, though - I remember "the Rosta Man" being the original host of the Inner Edge. Maybe the prior commenter can clarify...

21 June, 2008 20:51  
Blogger .francesca said...

WOW this is amazing. thanks so much for writing, you guys!

01 October, 2009 01:40  

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