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07 July 2005

"i wear my sunglasses at night."

after seeing corey hart on much more retro this morning, i have a renewed interest in his one-hit wonder, "sunglasses at night," which, yes, we did get in the states. i mean, how ingenius is the lyric 'don't switch the blade on the guy in shades'? he even follows it up with some amazing rhymes to that same effect: 'don't masquerade with the guy in shades' and 'you've got it made with the guy in shades.' local rad girl mary cobham goes for a similar rhyme aesthetic with her song "ferguson ferguson," rhyming "ferguson" with words like "obsure," creating "obscure-guson" and "blur," creating "blur-guson." modern poets for our time, they are.

speaking of shades, does anyone want to buy me these diors?


Blogger ger said...

I just found out about your blog and at first I thought it was titled "Courvoisier and Courvoisier"

07 July, 2005 11:10  
Blogger .francesca said...

a cognac as fine as my blog, indeed.

07 July, 2005 11:37  
Blogger Evil Robot Boy said...

From, the man himself writes this (along with other choice comments): "From Bob Hope to Wyclef Jean the song struck a chord and understanding this alchemy remains mystery to us all." I don't know what he's talking about.

In Canada he actually had a string of huge hits in the 80's. "Never Surrender" was probably even bigger for him here than Sunglasses. Then he had a nervous breakdown and faded from the limelight. So sad.

07 July, 2005 13:17  
Blogger .francesca said...

oh yes, i know quite well "never surrender." i grew up loving that song and being precociously aware of how i'd feel about it later.

07 July, 2005 15:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got my first migraine while singing "Never
Surrender" in the choir when I was in grade
four. The lyrical depth must have been too
much for my little brain to deal with.

Rebecca Young

07 July, 2005 19:38  
Blogger .francesca said...

i'm intrigued that you sang "never surrender" in 4th grade choir!

09 July, 2005 15:26  

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