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01 August 2007

7 things about me, and a new start

one of my favorite bloggers, cheap opulence, tagged me on her blog to post 7 things about myself. since this is my first post since march (yeah nicole i know! how dumb) i'm going to try and make it interesting:

1. i would rather be taking pictures

2. i am the proud owner of a massive inferiority complex

3. i like things that are old better than things that are new like houses, furniture, etc

4. i like cleaning, like, a lot

5. i have a habit of watching the tv guide channel

6. i'm pretty bored with my life right now and need a change

7. i make a damn good cappuccino

i don't think anyone reads this blog anymore and i hardly blame them but if you happen to find yourself reading this and want to post 7 things about yourself on your blog or facebook or myspace or whatever, feel free. tell me in my comments so i can go spy on it.


Blogger n. said...

here's my number one:
1. you've made me the happiest wee girl in the whole world!

01 August, 2007 18:27  
Blogger the library girl said...

it's nice to see you posting again. you have excellent perspective and good taste!

17 August, 2007 21:40  
Blogger huskermould said...

over here....

21 August, 2007 17:39  

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