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06 September 2005

shit got beautiful.

regarding but not directly related to my post about frosh: it's a beautiful first day of school out there today. it's not my first day of school, but i'm happy to live vicariously through those of you whose first day of school it is. maybe i should go back to school though. mom, dad, the government of california, i'm sorry that i wasted 7 years of my life and a lot of money 'learning' how to take pretty pictures. in all honesty, i knew how to take pretty pictures before i embarked on a 7-year university stint, but i had too low of self-esteem to strive for a more academically-oriented degree. now, though, i feel comfortable with the idea of getting an english degree or at the very least a liberal arts degree. maybe i can get a teaching credential and teach kids how to take pretty pictures. teaching kids how to do things that they don't get taught in school is hot these days, right?


Blogger Lou said...

I didn't know you do a radio show.


06 September, 2005 15:30  
Blogger .francesca said...

quite right! did you hear it?

(psst! i linked your blog!)

06 September, 2005 19:29  
Blogger the library girl said...

i went back to school after getting an arts degree. everyone is doing it, right?
go history classes!

12 September, 2005 12:58  

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